Cheerleading 101

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Motions, standing & running tumbling, ToeTouches, Herkies, Dance, Voice Projection and basic Stunt technique and much more…This class is designed to help you MAKE THE SQUAD!

Cheerleading 101 is Friday 6-8pm and includes a 1 hour of tumbling class each week! Tumbling classes schedule found Here.

Tuition is only $99/month. Call to reserve your spot:

 (951) 784-9496

Gymnastique has more great options to get a young cheerleader, or dancer ready for their  high school spirit squad. If you’re short on time, or have a specific skill you need, we recommend Private lessons. A great way to get personalized help right where you need it most.

If your young athlete wants to experience call of the dance, stunt and tumbling of competitive cheer and doesn’t want to wait, try our All Star Heatcheer program. This is no sideline program, but rather the fun sport of competitive cheer year round! 

Cheerleader Toe Touch
Need other tryout recommendations? Here are some highlights from an article published by Varsity Cheer, “Want to be a cheerleader?”
  1. The most important element of your appearance is your attitude, Smile. 
  2. Make smart clothing choices. 
  3. Get your beauty sleep.
  4. During the tryout, take your time
  5. If you mess up, keep going
  6. Be loud, but don’t scream. 
  7. During the clinic, try to make new friends
  8. Practice cheers/dances in front of a mirror when you get home to make sure your motion placement is correct.
  9. Different schools have different score sheets. Talk with the coach before tryouts
  10. Don’t try anything you aren’t comfortable doing

Want to see more from Varsity? Here is a link to the complete article that might interest your tryout candidate: Want to be a cheerleader?

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