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Private lessons

The Benefits of Private Lessons

Do you have a try-out or audition coming up? Maybe, your just stuck on a skill you just can’t get passed.  Everyone can benefit from private lessons from beginner to advanced, so we offer instruction for all ages and any skill level.

Our skilled gymnastics instructors have the background to accommodate any athlete and assist them in reaching their goals. We’ll design an individual training plan to work with various schedules and budgets. You do NOT need be a current member of Gymnastique. We welcome everyone to come get the benefits of private instruction.


When scheduling we generally try to schedule private lessons around the coach’s hours at the gym. The best practice is to provide the office with the preferences that are important to you: the days/times that fit your schedule, maybe a preferred coach, or hey I’m completely open!

Once you’ve chosen, or been assigned, a coach make sure you are on the same page about what you hope to accomplish and in what timeframe. At the end of each lesson, try to chat with your coach briefly to check in and see how it went.

Consider Your Timeframe

The real question is whether or not your son/daughter can retain and reuse the information provided in each lesson within the time for that goal. The sooner we start the better our chances of success! Call to schedule (951) 784-9496.


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